In The Same Breath

In The Same Breath I made this film some years ago, about a lovely friend – Quentin. It was sobering to witness the intense grief he had over the death of his wife, and the courageous way he expressed and dealt with it. Quentin¬†knew I was a writer and wanted me to make something out of his story – so that other people would gain something from his loss somehow. I wanted to express the theme of moving on from hard times and the complex emotions around those hard times. At the time I considered writing a short story or a dramatic script, but the expressivity of Quentin’s face and his energy WAS the thing which drew me to his story. So film had to be the choice of media.

This then is In The Same Breath: a short documentary film, funded by the East of England Media Production fund. Paul Wells, a young filmmaker did a great job as ¬†Assistant Director and Editor, and we previewed it at Cinema City, Norwich for a week, in front of a feature film. It was distributed by Alpha Films for a while and now sits publicly on YouTube. Do leave your comments, I’d love to know what you think.