Bournville Tapestry

How divine this early Spring sun is, and how hopeful. As I write this, my sons are going back to school for the first time in months, and there is a new regime of Covid tests, mask wearing in class and limited contact rules. So the house is quiet, and a bit strange. With so many people having challenging times this past year, I wish you all the hope for a new beginning this Spring.

Here’s a project I’ve been delighted to be writer for :

The Bournville Tapestry brings together a series of stories inspired by Community Connections, a creative social prescribing programme developed with and for this locality.  The stories span the time before and after the COVID-19 emergency and lockdown of Spring 2020.

The Bournville Tapestry represents a fraction of the stories that could be told. The stories were gathered through a series of individual zooms with writer, Elspeth Penny, in August and September 2020. Often vibrant and passionate, the Bournville Tapestry is about different points of view, sometimes entertaining and always illuminating.

It is a tapestry of a seascape with lots of loose threads, unfinished. As time goes on more threads can be gathered. Not all stories have been able to be included, so there may be holes in the tapestry. Perhaps by continuing to listen to stories from different perspectives, we may mend some of those holes, and perhaps avoid a fixed ending, at least for now.

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