The Perspectives of a Novice: Bryony Waite doing work experience with Elspeth

Thanks to Bryony for this account of your first day with me in the 2BU office. Elspethx

Having just been thrown into the deep end on my first day of work experience for 2BU Productions, I find myself just about managing to tread water. After a nervous bus ride in, and very little idea of what to expect, by 10.30am my morning already consisted of horticulture, Internet issues, and top secret information. Despite being thoroughly welcomed into the home and work life of Elspeth, I could not help but imagine that I had got off at the wrong stop and ended up at MI5. With tales of media deception, confidential story lines and the prospect of agency deals, I began to feel that media was even more exciting than I thought. Strange then that these dramatic and somewhat erratic goings on are instigated by one person’s work in the upstairs office of their home, against a backdrop of rolling hills in the Devonshire countryside. As a young female graduate, it’s good to see that a woman can actually have it all – a great lifestyle and an exciting career, dictated by the effort and groundwork put in to make something happen. It is not all about hard work and steely determination however; there has to be some sort of heart when you are your own boss. A want of heart hardly seems an issue here. This is the second time I have met Elspeth after a series of negotiation emails and updates and it would be hard for anyone to miss the excitement and intensity in her expression when she talks about her work. One project in particular, How 2 Be, which has been ongoing since she was just ten, clearly spurs her on. Unsure of how much I can reveal without getting a telling off for spilling the beans on hush-hush operations, this venture sees business, creativity and personal experience inextricably linked. Normally one would try and detach business from their private life but both are used to complement each other to create a sincerity often lost in the big bad media world. What I have witnessed so far is merely a snapshot of life at this production company, but given time I will tell all (well, what I am allowed to tell anyway).